Arbor Assets at work with our partners:

We put our resources into two types of investment projects:


1) Micro-Loans; and

2) Grants to expand the capacities of our partner organizations.

Micro-Loan Projects

Here we assemble funds and then loan them out to our field partners to be administered.  We presently have three partner organizations; two in Nicaragua and one in Honduras.  They all operate a general fund, which is parceled into micro-loans following certain guidelines.  Presently, these micro-loans are principally awarded to women.  We also establish funds for loans designed for families to purchase bio-sand water filters and improved ovens.

Capacity Expansion Grants

Here we invest directly in our partner organization by helping them develop their strengths and resources.  Examples of these strategic investments include purchasing and donating iron molds for bio-sand water filters or financing initial production costs. 

We also contribute towards human resource development by hosting water and health workshops in both Nicaragua and Honduras.  These workshops further train our affiliated field staff on water concerns such as: identifying appropriate water solutions, bio-sand filter construction and maintenance, community health promotion, sanitation, and other material.  In hosting these workshops, we have hired our teachers from The Center for Affordable Water and Sanitation Technology.

The filter’s material components and the labor are both locally sourced and therefore contribute directly to the community’s economy.  The same can be said for the improved ovens we help finance.  These use 50% less wood and contribute to significant respiratory improvements for the family.  We also attach an environmental stewardship clause to every micro-loan we issue, meaning these funds can only be used for projects that do no substantive harm to the surrounding ecology.

This oven uses 50% less wood, easing the burden on surrounding hillsides. It is also constructed outside of the house, which provides enormous health improvements compared to traditional indoor wood-burning stoves

Bio-sand water filters, fresh out of the mold, ready to be installed.


We encourage any communications and are open to many types of collaboration. Please contact us if you have any questions or ideas.




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