Arbor Assets works to provide improved water sources:

Throughout the developing world, nearly a billion people lack access to clean water free of pathogens, parasites and disease. Water must often be collected from a distance, sometimes queued for, carried back home and (hopefully) boiled. So it is often acquired at the expense of time spent in school, family care, or income generating endeavors.

And given that these household tasks are generally performed by women and girls, acquiring water can also come at the expense of advancing women’s rights, education, and other opportunities.

At Arbor Assets, the most effective way we can help address the regional water crisis in Central America is by addressing ‘point of use’ water treatment possibilities in the communities where we work. The means of water treatment we help provide are bio-sand filters. We promote this method because it is very effective in removing bacteria and pathogens, as well as being affordable, durable and sustainable.

We act in various capacities to help provide filters. We finance the establishment of filter manufacturing facilities within our partner organizations, from which they operate a cost-recovering filter distribution program. We have also designed small micro-loan packages for households who wish to purchase a bio-sand filter from this area manufacturing center.

We also act to disseminate both technical and general knowledge on many aspects of water health and sanitation. We have hosted on-site work-shops in both Nicaragua and Honduras in which we contract directly with The Center for Affordable Water and Sanitation Technology for our instructor.


We feel it important to engage as many institutions and individuals as is practical in our work for improved water access. If you have any interest in collaborating with us or any of our partner organizations, please contact us.


We encourage any communications and are open to many types of collaboration. Please contact us if you have any questions or ideas.




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