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Bridging The Gap For Those Left Behind

At Arbor Assets, we contribute financial and knowledge-based resources to assist poor, rural communities in Honduras and Nicaragua. Founded in 2009, we are a U.S. 501(c)3 non-profit organization based out of Lincoln, Nebraska. We are principally a micro-lending company, though we have also made strategic, capacity-expanding grants to our partner organizations, usually in terms of additional education, equipment, or materials.

Small Contributions Can Add Up to Big Change

As a micro-lending company, we establish funds for our partner organizations to parcel out and administrate.  We presently have three partner organizations; two in Nicaragua and one in Honduras.  They all operate a general fund, which is divided into micro-loans following certain guidelines.  Our partner organizations then monitor the microloan clients and work directly in the field to support their enterprises, facilitate product marketability, and secure loan repayment.  We also create funds specifically for the purchase of bio-sand water filters and improved, eco-efficient ovens.

Our Micro-lending Clients are Women

Our micro-loan clients are principally women.  While women generally comprise the majority of the agriculture labor force throughout the developing world, they tend to be significantly less productive because they have less access to land, resources, capital, and destination markets.  However, addressing this historical inequity can bring a real windfall: multitudes of studies have shown that women, in much higher numbers when compared to men, tend to reinvest their income directly into their families’ food and water supplies, healthcare, home improvement, and schooling.

A Little Help Goes a Long Ways

We believe that increased access to necessary inputs substantially builds women’s capacities and skill sets, and that in doing so, these improvements resound powerfully through families and communities to more speedily engineer greater economic development.  Decades of experience has demonstrated that women make better microloan clients in terms of their repayment rates when compared to men.  For these reasons, about 90% of our loans are to women.  We also look for leadership structures that include women in determining who will be our NGO partners.


We encourage any communications and are open to many types of collaboration. Please contact us if you have any questions or ideas.



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